Are you a leader or just the boss?

One leadership competency is to know how each person on your team must perform, or you risk failure.

THE SECRET IS: Everyone must know his or her own roll they must have the skills and know them well. Until they know themselves, they can’t perform well.

THE LEADERSHIP SECRET IS: To be able to extract engagement and excellence from your people’s performance.

Too often people don’t live up to their potential, don’t do their best, or they make mistakes. This is where leadership can make a difference, or it will break down and continue with less than stellar performance.

THE LEADERSHIP REALITY IS: If you’re a leader, you can’t blame the players for poor performance. You have to be a teacher, a conductor, a coach, and a cheerleader.

Additional Insights:

1. Most people want to excel in their work. Help them become Masters at what and how they do their jobs.

2. Most people want autonomy and latitude to do the work their way, to find better ways of doing their jobs. Liberate them.

3. Most people want to see the purpose in their work. Show them.