I believe if,

You abuse, you lose

Apathy is the enemy, and

When leaders help their employees thrive, they thrive.

Everyone Deserves a Great Leader.

From his background in employee selection, employee engagement, accountability, and leadership, he knows companies live and die based on their ability to:

– identify and select ideal employees and leaders

– develop and grow highly engaged employees and leaders

– effectively hold team members accountable
– empower them with the systems and skills to create and deliver outstanding customer value

Feedback and Accountability

Like you, he struggled for years with giving feedback and others accountable. Saying nice things was easy. Yet in leadership positions he found it hard to give feedback that could impact their pay or even their employment.

He wanted to be nice. Yet, there were times he had key highly skilled and hard to replace employees that were disruptive to the team. Like many leaders he was afraid if he challenged them they would leave.

The “Best Practices” he was being fed didn’t make things any better, so he began a quest to find a better way.

One thing he realized on his own was that it is very difficult if not impossible to change people. Really the only person that could change someone was that person.

He needed a way to help people grow and develop. He also needed to give and get feedback that made a positive difference to the individual and the organization. Then it came together.

Stephen helps leaders that want to raise the bar on hiring and keeping really good employees. Leaders that recognize that too many employees that are not engaged weigh like an anchor on the organization.

Plus many leaders are either fearful of giving feedback or creating a “hate and discontent” when they do give feedback.

Many of his clients started out saying such things as:

“Being a boss it is the hardest thing for me to do is tell someone they suck. Not in those words but that is how it comes across to the employee.”


“Many of my leaders avoid both giving and receiving feedback.”


“Many leaders fear of giving feedback and losing a team member, particularly a high demand skilled team member. Instead they prefer not to give feedback if it won’t be accepted positively or used as an opportunity for development.”

Stephen’s Bio

Stephen has been a maverick in the human resources field. He is also a student of leading edge neuroscience and how the human brain actually responds to feedback. He discovered how to develop leaders that are able to build employment engagement, with feedback and accountability.

Stephen is the author of,

The CEO’s Advantage—7 Keys for Hiring Extraordinary Leaders,

Leadership A Brain Friendly Guide,

Leadership Competencies A Brain Friendly Guide,

His educational background includes a master’s degree in management from the University of Redlands. Plus two professional designations from UCLA. One in Industrial Relations and the other in Organization and Human Resource Development.

He has over 20 years of experience in corporate human resources. Working with large and medium sized companies such as Lockheed, McDonald Douglas, Square D, Coors and California Casualty and hospitals such as Memorial Health System, Guthrie Health System, and Avera Health System developing his reputation of thinking outside the box.  

On a Personal Note

Stephen and his wife live in Broomfield Colorado and enjoy having their four children and seven grandchildren.

In my spare time Stephen enjoys building projects around the house, reading both fiction and nonfiction, writing his own books. He also enjoys Ballroom dancing, especially the Waltz, Swing and Cha Cha.

We invite you to learn more about and how his coaching can make an difference in your work and life.

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