This Disrupt HR Presentation was titled: Stop Abusing your Managers and Employees with Performance Appraisals. The DISRUPT format is really simple. Imagine delivering a presentation that is limited to 5 minutes, must have 20 slides, and each slide will change automatically after 15 seconds. Then Deliver it in front of over 200 Leaders and Human Resource professionals while being video taped, FUN.

Leaders are facing many challenges in getting the best from their team members.  As a result, this presentation focuses on how to be the leader worth following with leadership secrets of positive accountability that build employee engagement with confidence and success.

Speaker, Learning Facilitator, and Coach

“We help participants understand why, engage, practice and apply.”

From Stephen’s background in employee selection, engagement, and leadership, he knows companies live and die based on their ability to:

– identify and select ideal employees and leaders
– develop and grow highly engaged employees and leaders
– empower them with the systems and skills to create and deliver outstanding customer value

Stephen Moulton is President and Talent Management Coach, Author, & Speaker at Action Insight. Author of The CEO’s Advantage, 7 Keys for Hiring Extraordinary Leaders, and his newest books Leadership – A Brain Friendly Guide, Leadership Competencies – A Brain Friendly Guide, and the forthcoming book Engage.

There’s an old cliché that “our people are our most important asset,” but unfortunately, that is just not true for many organizations. Apathetic leaders and employees turn off customers and patients, cause strife, attract lawsuits, and cost a fortune.

“The right employees, in the right positions, doing the right things well, are your most important asset. Application of key leadership skill that make you a leader worth following through Accountability and Employee Engagement are crucial to your success.”

Stephen’s presentations draw upon over 25-years of experience as a Human Resource professional and leader and on going research. He has driven domestic and international Human Resource initiatives for large organizations, hospitals and hospital systems.

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Top 6 Reasons to Hire Stephen

“Stephen is a natural speaker. His passion for what he does shines through in his presentations. He understands the unique needs of healthcare and he delivers informative and engaging presentations.  He isn’t a professional speaker, he is a professional who speaks, and his high energy level never fails to get participants involved.”

Shelli D. Lind, M.A., SPHR, PCC

Director, Learning and Leadership Development, Centura Health

“Stephen recently spoke at our CHAHRM conference and he was engaging, energetic and interactive with attendees. His insights into the challenges and solutions on Millennials and feedback were leading edge and spot on.  His presentation helped me better understand  not only what Millennials need but also how to be a more effective leader.”


Pam Drake

Director of Healthcare UI and CHAHRM Program Director

“I’ve had the pleasure of hosting two talks for my community with Stephen Moulton and have been amazed by the level of preparation he’s done to deliver loads of unique information. I’m so impressed how Steve reveals best practices that save others time that’s usually wasted on trial-and-error. There’s always at least three things I hear from Steve that I’ve never heard anywhere, and I often find myself recalling this info, sharing it with a colleague or using it later in my work.”

Samantha Hartley

President, Enlightened Marketing

“I want to congratulate you enthusiastically on your presentation at our conference. I have been with NAS over sixteen years as a regional manager and sales trainer. In both positions I have realized the extreme importance of the selection process. Over the years I have heard so many generalities of little value that your presentation was especially welcome and satisfying. I will be entering the interviews with more confidence and feel I will make a better selection. Thanks for your great information and insight.”


Sherrie Aach

Regional Manager, NAS Recruitment Communications

Stephen’s Presentations



Millennials, Feedback and Organizational Goals

Reimagine Feedback

Many leaders not only struggle with giving feedback they struggle with getting feedback. Yet, employees really do want feedback, they just don’t react well to the traditional feedback models.

With the influx of Millennials into the workforce how do you grow and keep them to meet your organizational goals? That is your challenge.

Millennials need three things to thrive:

They need to know that what they are doing makes a difference and why,

Plus, they need a boss they can trust, that takes time to talks with them and hear what they have to say.

Finally, they want clear expectations and goals and let them figure out the way to reach it.

In this interactive presentation

We will use the Neuroscience of how people receive feedback, build trust and engagement in a whole new way.

For over 40 years psychologist, trainers, and consultants have been trying to get leaders to give employees feedback and barely moved the needle. Consequently, companies have been pushing supervisors to give more feedback and precious little has changed.

This session will look at why leaders either resist giving feedback or cause more problems than they solve, when giving feedback, and how to change the paradigm, to help employee thrive.

In this paradigm changing interactive presentation you will get up to the minute insight into:

  • Why most feedback as we know it is rejected and what to do about it.
  • The secret key to building trust and engagement and how to build both in minutes a day.
  • How to connect Millennials and organizational goals for long term success.



How Did All These Cazy People Get Hired?

According to the Harvard Business Review 40% of leaders fail in the first 18 months.

Another study suggested that 46% of new hires totally fail in the first 18 months and another 35% are only marginal to fair performers. As a result, Stephen will draw on concepts from his book and speak on five reasons only 19% of new hires are good or outstanding performers and what to do about it.

In this fun and informative presentation you will learn about the three “A’s” to consider when hiring a candidate: Attitude, Alignment, and Aptitude. Without a good match in each, a candidate will be a disappointment or maybe even a costly hiring mistake.

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