One of the qualities of a great leader –

is knowing how to hire a great team.

Take a few moments to ponder and rate the following questions.

On a scale of 1 to 5, 1 is Low or Negative and 5 is High or Positive.

[    ]  1. What is your comfort level with hiring great people?

[    ]  2. I know exactly what questions I need to ask for each position I hire for.

[    ]  3. Do all the candidates I hire turnout to be as good as I thought they would be?

[    ]  4. Are my team members as productive and effective as needed?

[    ]  5. Do my team members seem to be as motivated and engaged as I need?

[    ]  6. Do I get a complete picture of the “Attitudes” candidates will bring?

Score ______

If your scores are less than 18 you and your team may need to reassess your selection process.

Early in my career I learned two very important lessons:

First: The best way to build a great team is to hire the right people in the first place and

Second: Bad Employees and Leaders Cost you time, money and frustration.

Knowing how to conduct an interview is so important, yet what most leaders don’t realize is that the most effective hiring processes are counter intuitive.

Here’s the Scoop

Research shows the typical interview most people use whether working from the candidate’s resume or asking questions such as what are your strengths and weakness has a reliability of 14% in predicting a candidate’s potential for success.

14% vs. 90%

Research shows that if certain key things are done the reliability improves to 90% but it requires a system and a bit of leadership discipline.

The most effective hiring process requires a system if you want to have a 90% reliability in predicting job success.

There are four keys to hiring great people … they are knowing how to:

  1. identify key emotional Intelligence/behavioral competency criteria
  2. create the right interview questions
  3. keep candidates honest
  4. assess for organizational fit, motivation, and attitude.

Conducting an effective interview is a process not an event.

Think of it this way knowing how to conduct an interview requires the right training, coaching and tools, and is a key to an effective hiring process.

Follow this time proven system and you will not only demonstrate one of the qualities of a good leader, but you will also be the envy of your colleagues for your hiring prowess.

Poor leaders don’t know how to conduct an interview, so they just wing it and sometimes they are lucky, other times they miss the great candidates.

Think about it, most leaders are really busy, maybe even crazy busy. So when do most leaders typically prepare for an interview?

How about when the candidate is in the lobby?

This puts leaders at a disadvantage, because candidates are better prepared than ever. Candidates have time, resources, and motivation to be prepared.

They know how to shade the truth, prepare, and practice responding to questions, and make themselves sound like your best choice.

You need to stack the deck in your favor.

One of the qualities of a good leader is that they are thoughtful and prepared for their interviews.

When I’m done interviewing a candidate, I can tell you not only who would be a great candidate but specifically, why.

That is what we teach our clients to do.

Our approach keeps candidates honest and helps you hire employees that are highly productive and a cultural fit for your team.

Our proprietary program makes it easy to achieve the results you what and need.

What if you or your hiring managers could . . .

  • quickly and objectively define position requirements.
  • know what competency based interview questions to ask.
  • know they are getting truthful answers to your questions.
  • use the information they get in the interview to do better reference checks.
  • differentiate between good and not so good candidates.
  • be consistent in their selection system.
  • raise the bar on hiring talent.
  • enhance legal defensibility.
Do your leaders have a hit or miss record of hiring great people?

These skills can be learned and implemented, want to learn more?

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