Even great team members can fall victim to the greatest workplace problem, Fear.

Great leaders quickly recognize that their employees are impacted by a crisis and respond with empathy, poor leaders don’t.

One key aspect to everyone’s sense of well being is that of relationships, that feeling of belonging, being cared about, and caring about others.

When we feel others care about us and that they have our backs, we are more able to focus on our work and be more productive.

Take time to privately sit down and talk to each of your team members.

Tell them that you know what it feels like to struggle in a crisis like this, you could say. “I certainly have my worries and concerns.”

Then ask such questions as:

What is worrying you the most? Or

What are you most worried about?

What has been most challenging for you this week?

What has been most stressful for you?

How is your anxiety level today?

Listen carefully, don’t try to solve, or minimize their feelings.

Tell them how important they are to you and the team. Then ask, “What can I do to best help you?” or “What would help look like?”

Such questions get past the typical automatic responses and the facades we all have. Your Thoughts?