70% of Employees are Not Engaged

Ever give feedback to an employee and get a negative reaction?

  1. do it all the time
  2. yes and it was painful
  3. I avoid giving feedback

Did the employee still trust you afterward?

  1. yes
  2. no
  3. don’t really know
  4. don’t really care

What happened to their productivity?

  1. got better, problem solved
  2. worse, attitude tanked
  3. stayed the same,
  4. they left, what do you expect?

Would one surmise that an employee working at 60% of capacity and productivity that the company is losing 40% of their salary per year?

How did you feel going into the conversation?

  1. confident ?
  2. nervous?

How did you feel afterward?

  1. Great, they were losers anyway
  2. Not very good at all, they weren’t happy with me
  3. It was stressful for both of us

Giving feedback is an important part of leadership, knowing how to build trust, give effective feedback is not intuitive, recent developments in Neuroscience have revealed why traditional feedback does more harm than good. Let’s Talk.


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