Leadership Coaching for Mid-Level

Healthcare Leaders


– Small Group Coaching

– One-on-One Coaching

– Cultural Change


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We help mid-level healthcare leaders change

behaviors that are hindering their success.

We use the proven

Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching Process.

Stakeholders provide the leader positive accountability and engagement.

Why Stakeholder Centered Coaching?

Proven 95% Success Rate

1. We focus on a leadership growth area important to the leader and the organization.

2. Leaders engage stakeholders as a support for engagement and accountability.

3. It uses stakeholders’ suggestions and input for action planning for the leader.

4. It promotes change by monthly feedback and suggestions from stakeholders.

5. It measures the leader’s growth as perceived by the stakeholders using a mini survey.

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How We Do It

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 Step 1

360 Assessment and Make a plan


Step 2

Execute the plan and Engage Stakeholders

Step 3

Mini-360 Survey’s to Measure Progress


No Risk Offer and Guarantee

No Growth, No Pay

As an organization you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

We will measure with a mini survey at about 6 months and 1 year.

If the leader doesn’t improve, as measured by the stakeholders.

We Don’t Get Paid.

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Who We Don’t Work With

Lack of Commitment

If a leader is not willing to make a sincere effort to change. 

Lack of Courage or Humility

They fear checking in with stakeholders, and make have excuses for not doing so.

Wrong Background

If the person lacks functional skills to do their current job, or is about to be let go.

Ethics Problem

If the person has an ethical or integrity issue. We are only about improving behavior, not ethics or beliefs.

Who We Do Work With


We work with leaders who meet the following criteria:

They have achieved success.

They want to focus on development of leadership behaviors.

They are really motivated to change and willing to make a sincere effort to change.

They are willing to implement the disciplined process.

They have not been written off by their organization

They want to work with a coach to become even more effective.

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And How Successful People Get Better Self-Assessment

Our View of Leadership Development

Do Nothing is always an option, let’s just hope the leader figures is out in time.

Leadership Training (in-person and  on-line) is great for imparting information. It fails to make a positive behavior change.

I’ve seen it time and time again. The company puts leaders through a workshop and they are all pumped up. Then the leaders go back to the workplace, and in a short time, they revert to the same habits and behavior as before.

Traditional Coaching has a greater impact on behavior, because it is more focused and a longer duration to cement a change. Yet the coach is seldom immersed in the culture or issues of the organization. Who is immersed in the culture and issues?  The Stakeholders, they are usually the ones most impacted by the leader’s behavior.

Stakeholder Centered Coaching solves both problems, by having stakeholders help identify development needs, providing Feedforward ideas, provide real time course correction, and encourage the leader’s progress.

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