79% of employees who quit, cite lack of appreciation.


Do you regularly express appreciation for specific things your team members do?

  1. Yes at least weekly,
  2. Once and a while,
  3. No, I take all the credit for success

Ever show appreciation to an employee and get a negative reaction?

  1. you kidding?
  2. never thought about it
  3. I avoid showing appreciation

Did the employee still trust you afterward?

  1. yes
  2. no
  3. don’t really know, they stopped talking to me
  4. don’t really care

What happened to their productivity?

  1. got better
  2. got better for the short term but fell off
  3. worse
  4. stayed the same
  5. they quit

How did you feel going into the conversation?

  1. confident ?
  2. nervous?

How did you feel afterward?

  1. great this created some excitement that made it worth while
  2. waste of my time, it was really annoying
  3. I was afraid they would let up and coast, but they really got charged up


Would it be worth showing genuine appreciation regularly, if they stayed longer and were 26% more engaged?


Showing appreciation is an important part of leadership, especially today with Millennials, with it they will leave.  Recent developments in Neuroscience have revealed having regular (weekly) feedback and personal conversations and showing appreciation are important to building engagement.

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