58% of employees trust strangers vs. their own boss


Do you trust your employees for get the job done?

  1. you kidding? You bet.
  2. never thought about it,
  3. no, I need to keep control

Do you allow your team members to do the job their way?

  1. yes, I want them to learn to think things through
  2. no, it’s my way or the highway
  3. once they have learned to do it the right way
  4. don’t really care, if they screw-up I just fire them

Do you tell your team members you trust them?

  1. yes,
  2. no, you want me to lie?
  3. no, I specifically tell them that I don’t trust them and they must earn my trust

Do you coach team members to make decisions?

  1. yes, so they can think for themselves
  2. yes, so they will come to the decision I would make
  3. no if they don’t know what to do they must ask me

Do you ask for feedback from your team members on a regular basis?

  1. yes, it was uncomfortable at first, but I learned a lot
  2. no, it’s a waste of my time, I only care about what my boss thinks
  3. no I’m afraid of what they might say

If 99 percent of employees think trust in the work place is vital and 53% of employees are unhappy at work, what should you do about it?


Showing trust is an important part of leadership, knowing how to effectively grow and develop your team, and give them the support they need is not intuitive. Recent developments in Neuroscience have revealed having regular (weekly) feedback and personal conversations and showing appreciation and trust are important to building engagement.



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