Culture and Leadership

It is often difficult to describe the culture of an organization and even more difficult to change the culture of an organization. Culture in organizations is really determined by the behaviors and actions of leaders and subsequently employees as they follow suit....

Be a Leader Instead of Just the Boss

Are you a leader or just the boss? One leadership competency is to know how each person on your team must perform, or you risk failure. THE SECRET IS: Everyone must know his or her own roll they must have the skills and know them well. Until they know themselves, they...

Epidemic of Under Leadership

There’s seems to an epidemic of under leadership in the workplace. For some reason, to many leaders, managers, and supervisors aren’t leading. The trend for many Managers is being hands off. And they think they are supposed to be hands off. So...


One aspect to being an effective leader is … approachability. What’s it mean to be approachable? The word approachability comes from the Latin word “apropriare,” which means “to come nearer to,” if you think about it …to be...

Executive Selection

Effective Executive Selection is becoming more and more important in the C-Suite. Business environments are changing, margins are being squeezed, and leadership isn’t up to 21st century standards. According to the Harvard Business Review, 2 out of 5 new CEOs fail in...
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