There’s seems to an epidemic of under leadership in the workplace.

For some reason, to many leaders, managers, and supervisors aren’t leading.

The trend for many Managers is being hands off. And they think they are supposed to be hands off.

So they’re hands off and then something goes wrong. The problem is … if you are hands off, things will definitely go wrong.

Here’s the problem – Too many individuals when promoted are ill prepared to be leaders.

They don’t know how to manage performance, hold people accountable, deal with conflict, or … don’t want to.

I hate to say this … but in some cases they aren’t helped by outdated and ineffective human resource processes.

Additional Insights:

  1. Take time to be a leader. I’ve heard senior leaders say: “Talk to my employees? I don’t have time to talk to my employees.”
  2. Learn the key skills and get effective tools for hiring and coaching employees.
  3. Millennials need leadership, coaching and purpose, feed their need or turn them over.