What Make The Immersion Program Different? Incremental Learning.

So what is incremental learning?

In today’s world there’s way too much leadership and business information. But that’s not the frustrating part. The real bug-a-boo is that the information is mostly so big, so chunky and so very disorganized that once you read it, you’re like a deer in headlights. It becomes overwhelming if not useless, it is like opening a fire hose and taking a drink.

Incremental learning allows you to follow steps.

First step one, then step two. Then step one + step two—and so forward. Our clients now expect our leadership programs to be rich in detail, and to follow clear steps. And so you have it—incremental learning is what makes Action Insight Leadership programs different.

Plus we’re a bit loco

We know that people forget 50-80% of what they learn in 24 hours and up to 98% in one month. When I was in the corporate world I realized that sitting through a workshop or leadership program was often like water running off a duck's back.

I kept suggesting that an ongoing coaching/mentoring program to help leaders incorporate and actually use the knowledge and skills that they had gained in the programs.

One of my bosses called me a “Maverick”. He said I was more than a rebel. Rebels conform, he said. Mavericks forge their own way forward. And so it is with our books and programs. We follow a system that’s fun and easy to learn.

Changing behavior and really learning is a process where you need to understand information, absorb it, practice it and integrate it with existing knowledge. A one day workshop isn’t enough to make an impact. You need time to reflect, experiment and apply what was learned.

We recommend that leaders that want to develop emotional intelligence and leadership skills have an ongoing coach to guide them and help them reflect, experiment and apply what was learned to become the best leaders they can be.

You could buy leadership development anywhere (and you know that).

But you’ll find that Action Insight programs really help you make those incremental steps. Try it—you’re sure to get addicted (in a good way). If you haven’t already gotten yourself a copy of Leadership – Fresh Strategies for Success, it’s a great place to start.

Step 1

Leadership Strategy Session

In a Leadership Strategy Session we clarify issues and outcomes you have, related to your leadership needs.

You get a personal 1-on-1 session for up to 60 minutes on the telephone where we will work together to...

- Clarify your strategic vision and outcomes for developing leadership skills.

- Identify key strategic 'mile-stone' objectives.

- Uncover hidden challenges that could sabotage your success.

- Create a 'next step' action plan.

- Leave this session renewed, inspired, and re-energized about achieving the outcome you need.

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Step 2

360 Assessment

The four components of Emotional Intelligence are:

Emotional Intelligence


Self-Awareness is the awareness of our own emotions, how our emotions impact others, and our own self- confidence.

Self-Management is the ability to maintain emotional self-control, maintain integrity, and have flexibility in handling changing situations.

Social-Awareness is the ability to sense the feelings and emotions of others, read situations, group dynamics, and service orientation.

Relationship Management isn’t just about developing and maintaining personal relationships, it is about leading and developing others, collaboration, the ability to influence and execute change.

The 360 assessment incorporates all four components of Emotional Intelligence and give you a snap shot of how others see your level of emotional intelligence and insight into where you can become more effective as a leader.

Feedback is gained electronically and feedback is delivered privately.

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Step 3

Coaching Options

There are three options for coaching depending on your needs.

Leadership Group Coaching – working with a small group of four or five other leaders can be a valuable way to gain fresh insight and develop your skills.

Individual One-on-One Coaching – sometimes leaders need personal one-on-one coaching and have a coach that will focus on their unique needs

Leadership Team Coaching – sometimes an intact team of leaders need to raise the bar on their ability to lead as a team.

These coaching sessions provide both in-person and phone sessions over 6 to 12 months to help each leader develop new skills.

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Step 4

Leadership Skill Development

Leaders need some key skills that are often thought of as intuitive and easy to wing. Yet, if a piece of the puzzle is missing you don't have the full picture. Leaders need to know and have a process for:

  1. Selecting the Best Talent
  2. Engaging and Developing Talent
  3. Holding the Employees Accountable
  4. Harnessing Conflict
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These programs are based on current Neuroscience, Leadership, and Academic Research breaking the mold of the typical approach to Leadership many organizations benchmark against.

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Step 5

Staff Development

Many of the skills described above may be appropriate for other members of the team.

Let’s talk about your unique needs.

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