Leadership Skill Development focuses on two areas

Emotional Intelligence Skill Development and

Four Key Management Skills

  1. Harnessing Conflict
  2. Engaging and Developing Great Talent
  3. Selecting Great Talent
  4. Accountability, Discipline, and Performance

Take a few moments to ponder and rate the following questions.

On a scale of 1 to 5, 1 is Low or Negative and 5 is High or Positive.
[   ] 1. How strong are your Emotional Intelligence skills?
[   ] 2. What is your comfort level with conflict?
[   ] 3. Do you spend one or more hours each month in 1-on-1 meetings with each employee?
[   ] 4. Do you hit the ball out of the park with each person you hire?
[  ] 5. Are my team members comfortable with my ability to hold others accountable, and discipline poor performers?

Score ______

If your scores are less than 3 in any area you may need some help in that area.

Being the boss doesn’t make you a leader. In fact studies show that up to 78% of people in leadership positions are ill suited for the role.

Being a Great Leader requires both Emotional Intelligence and the 4 Key Management Skills. Ignoring any one could derail your future success.

In the Coaching program we focus on developing any of the Emotional Intelligence Competencies. We assess the need for developing each of the Four Key Management Skills.

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