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Stephen Moulton, President and Chief Insight Officer of Action Insight, is an author, software inventor, and competency guru. Author of The CEO’s Advantage, 7 Keys for Hiring Extraordinary Leaders, a book written specifically for healthcare executives.

There’s an old cliché that “our people are our most important asset,” but unfortunately, that is just not true for many healthcare facilities. Apathetic leaders and employees distress patients, cause strife, attract lawsuits, and cost a fortune when they leave after a short period.

“The right employees, in the right positions, doing the right things well, are your most important asset.” Imagine, for a moment, that all of your leaders and employees were:



 Stephen’s presentations draw upon his 25-years of experience as a Human Resource professional and leader and with a MA in Management. He has driven domestic and international Human Resource initiatives for large organizations, hospitals and hospital systems.

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  What Are People Saying?

"Stephen is a natural speaker. His passion for what he does shines through in his presentations. He understands the unique needs of healthcare and he delivers informative and engaging presentations.  He isn’t a professional speaker, he is a professional who speaks, and his high energy level never fails to get participants involved."

Shelli D. Lind, M.A., SPHR, PCC
Director, Learning and Leadership Development
Centura Health
President of the Colorado Healthcare Association for Human Resource Management

“I recently saw Stephen present at a conference for health care human resources leaders. He shared lots of great ideas. Plus, as a communications professional I was impressed by the clarity of Stephen’s slides (no cramped text that nobody can read!) and content.”

Evonne Dunn
Colorado Hospital Association for Human Resource Management (CHAHRM)
Communications Director/Newsletter Editor

 “I’ve had the pleasure of hosting two talks for my community with Stephen Moulton and have been amazed by the level of preparation he’s done to deliver loads of unique information. I’m so impressed how Steve reveals best practices that save others time that’s usually wasted on trial-and-error. There’s always at least three things I hear from Steve that I’ve never heard anywhere, and I often find myself recalling this info, sharing it with a colleague or using it later in my work.”

Samantha Hartley
Enlightened Marketing

Stephen’s Presentations

Hire for Attitude, Alignment, and Aptitude

 According to the Harvard Business Review 40% of leaders fail in the first 18 months. Another study suggested that 46% of new hires totally fail in the first 18 months and another 35% are only marginal to fair performers. Stephen will draw on concepts from his book and speak on five reasons only 19% of new hires are good or outstanding performers and what to do about it.

In this fun and informative presentation you will learn about the three “A’s” to consider when hiring a candidate: Attitude, Alignment, and Aptitude. Without a good match in each, a candidate will be a disappointment or maybe even a costly hiring mistake.

Building a Pipeline of Talent

 Did you know that the traditional approach to performance management is based on research done with Dogs, Rats, and Pigeons over 100 years ago? The latest neuroscience research has given us paradigm shifting insight on how to engage and develop a pipeline of talent.

The CEO’s Advantage

 What are the 7 keys for hiring extraordinary leaders? Not all leaders are created equal. Depending on the organization and its culture, a leader that might be successful in one organization might not be in another. How can you stack the deck in your favor and select great leaders?

Healthcare Leadership Competencies

 What’s happened to leadership? Which competencies are most important? What are the top-rated competencies that drive success of healthcare leaders? Which of the most important competencies are consistently ranked as weakest among Healthcare Leaders? What key strategies help develop these challenging competencies?

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