It's True, Bad Leadership Costs You Money!

Leadership Qualities Start with Emotional Intelligence … but don’t end there!

This information is for leaders that want to reduce the leadership mistakes that cost them time,money, and frustration.

Remember, just because someone is in a leadership position doesn’t make them a leader. Let me ask a question.

What leadership qualities make a great leader?

There are two simple answers to that question. First – solid Emotional Intelligence (EI) competencies.

The web is a buzz with articles about leadership qualities and traits. Traits are hard to change and develop Emotional Intelligence falls into the category of hard to change and develop.

All leaders have Emotional Intelligence Right? Wrong!

Here's the Scoop

The scoop is that way too few leaders today have solidEmotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EI) competencies. In one recent study of 4,000 managers assessed against 12 EI competencies; 52% had 3 or less and only 16% had 9 or more.  That is a huge difference.

The challenge is trying to figure out which candidates have the best set of emotional intelligence skills.

The second part of the answer is Leadership Skills. So aside from the EI competencies necessary for success, which leadership skills should give you the most leverage?

There are three fundamental key skills effective leaders can develop that will help make them successful.

What are the key fundamental leadership skills necessary for success? They are the ability to:

1 – Consistently Hire Great Employees and Leaders.

2 – Consistently Grow and Engage Talent.

3 – Hold Employees Accountable.

These are not casual skills. However, if you can effectively implement these three skills you will have a great start on being a great leader.

1 – Consistently Hire Great Employees and Leaders  Relibility

No matter what the economy is doing, a challenge for leaders is attracting and retaining not just employees, but really top notch employees and leaders.

If you are going to sort out the top 16% of employees and leaders with the right EI employee and leadership qualities you need a system that will get you consistent quality results.

Many leaders think that interviewing skills are intuitive and they are not. Research shows that the typical interview most leaders conduct has a reliability of 14%.

Yet, with a system and not much more time invested, you can achieve over 90% reliability in making great hiring decisions.

2 – Consistently Grow and Engage Talent

Just as important as hiring the right people, is the skill of how to motivate them so that they are engaged and work with passion, energy and enthusiasm.

Why are these particular skills so important?

Many studies have looked at why employees leave and a Gallup study found that 65% of the time people leave – they are leaving their manager/leader.

5 Reasons Employees Leave  The problem is that many leaders think these skills are also intuitive and they are not. In fact what most leaders today don’t realize is that scientific research shows that these skills are counter intuitive. There are Leadership qualities and skill that when used can improve productivity up to 50%.

3 – Hold Employees Accountable

The concept of holding employees accountable sounds a lot like the sinister Simon Legree cracking the whip over his minions. Not true, employees can be held accountable and engaged at the same time.

Constant command and control leadership creates resentment and resistance. Real leadership generates productivity, engagement, and loyalty.

Consider for instance a situation where an employee has a goal, but doesn’t achieve it.

Questions I would ask are:

Bottom Line

Do your leaders have the right leadership qualities and skills to be successful? These skills can be learned and implemented.

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