Ever notice it is getting harder and harder to hire great people?


Then you have probably noticed that the consequences of not hiring great people are getting harder and harder to live with?


You are at the right place!

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8 Keys to Effectively Hire Physician Executives
Stephen Moulton Interviews

Jennifer Grebenschikoff CEO of The
Physician Executive Leadership Center
Hiring a new Chief Medical Officer or other physician executive has some potential bumps in the road that can derail your success and have costly consequences. Learn how to avoid those bumps and smooth the way.

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Executive Selection Coaching

According to the Harvard Business Review 40% of new leaders fail in the first 18 months.
When it comes to hiring, having an effective selection plan is usually low on the priority list.

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You have enough to worry about ...

The last thing you need is to be worrying about is whether or not you and your leadership team are hiring the right employees and leading them effectively. 

For most Healthcare Leaders, making sure your organization has the right people in the right seats at the table, and doing the right things well can be challenging.


You may think that there isn't a dime's bit of difference between candidates. That just isn't true there is a huge difference in capability and fit when it comes to behavioral competencies including emotional intelligence. Research shows at least three to 12 times the difference in productivity.


Hire great employees can be hard; it's a bit like buying a used car. Often you don't know what you're getting and you are under pressure to buy. Many leaders think want their leaders to know how to hire great people.


Hi, I'm Stephen Moulton, the President of Action Insight. Since 1997 we've helped thousands of leaders learn how hire the right employees with about 90% reliability, instead of just 15% reliability using a typical interview approach.


There are a number of interview systems out there, however few combine the behavior and competency based interview systems that achieve the level of success you really want. 


Whether you're a CEO, CFO, COO, CHRO, CMO, CNO or another healthcare leader, one thing is certain - you need to consistently make great hiring decisions - every time - for your organization to both survive and thrive.


Behavioral Competencies and Emotional Intelligence


So How Do You Hire Great People? First, you need to have a solid Behavioral and Competency Based Interviewing system. Second, ensure that the process incorporates a systematic way to identify which Emotional Intelligence Competencies apply to which jobs. Third, you need a process that is simple to use and proven to keep candidates honest.


When you're selecting more of the perfect employees with less struggle, leadership can be truly a pleasure because you're making the difference you always wanted to make, working with team members you are proud of.


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