Ever struggle with giving feedback to an employee?

Ever try giving constructive feedback to someone that blew you off or even got angry?


Effective Leadership


Like you I’ve struggled with giving feedback at times and wondered if there was a better way. There is!

How would it feel if all your employees were fully engaged and productive?

Ever wish you knew how to excite and motivate your team?

That is where leadership effectiveness comes in.

As leaders, sometimes we try running so fast, that we may forget where we are going and why we are running.

Why are we running? What is our purpose?

As a leader the pressure is on and we are often crazy busy.

We need to get things done and we also need to engage and develop our team to make it happen.

Stephen Moulton


Hi, I’m Stephen Moulton and I’m determined to transform how leaders engage and develop their teams.

Today many new leaders are struggling and often failing to get the best from their team members.

But what if you could step into the brains of your team members and understand what they are thinking when you give the feedback or confront them when there is a problem or conflict?

What if you could build trust, loyalty, and engagement with each of your team members and get better results in the work they do?

Here’s the problem, new research in Neuroscience is revealing that what we have been taught over the last 50 years about giving feedback is totally counter-productive.

We help leaders and their teams with some of their biggest concerns such as:

– motivating and engaging team members to get the support you need

– managing change smoothly to get the cooperation you want

– hiring and keeping great team members who are a perfect fit for your organization and its culture

If these or similar issues worry you, I understand because hiring, retaining, and leading people can be frustrating and hard work, but it doesn’t need to be.

It can also be very rewarding and satisfying!

It can be personally rewarding because enhanced leadership success leads to organization success and ultimately job security.

It can be satisfying, because you see real growth and harmony in your organization.



of people in leadership positions lack the emotional Intelligence to be there

Hay Group


of Americans are disengaged at work



of employees would trust a stranger over their boss

Harvard Business Review


of employees would take a new boss over a raise

Michelle McQuaid

“They (competencies) have helped us clarify the role for which we are recruiting, as a basis for effectively interviewing candidates, and to assist with designing individual tailored executive development programs.”

Jim Nathan

CEO , Lee Health

“I recently saw Stephen present at a conference for health care human resources managers. He shared lots of great ideas. Plus, as a communications professional I was impressed by the clarity of Stephen’s slides (no cramped text that nobody can read!) and content.”

Evonne Dunn

Communications Director/Newsletter Editor, Colorado Hospital Association for Human Resource Management (CHAHRM)

“ActionPlus is more than just a software package to make your life easier. It is a way to develop and maintain your company’s culture and performance, plus provide you with the time to impact the bottom line. In our first year of implementation we believe that your approach has played a significant role in reducing turnover by over 10%.”

Janice Thompson

Senior VP Organizational Capability, March of Dimes

Stephen is authentic, genuine, doesn’t try to give you the hard sell and he adapts his product to your needs. In addition, he really is a partner with you, he doesn’t just sign you up and walk out.

Valerie Randall

Chief Personnel & Administrative Officer, Brevard Family Partnership

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